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Binding the Selkie's Heart 
(The Selkie Seas, Book 3)

The selkie Queen must find a new mate... but what happens when love gets in the way?

Mairi, the selkie Queen, is lost without her King. Despite the suspicions surrounding his death, however, she has little time to grieve--she must choose a new mate and quicky. But politics demand a scrupulous choice, one she has difficulty deciding. Especially when another, less viable candidate has caught her eye.  


Hilda is a selkie warrior entrusted with the Queen’s protection. When suitors flood the kingdom to vie for Mairi’s attentions, Hilda has her hands full with security. But her stronger worry is for the Queen’s heart, which she wants to guard more jealously than she has the authority to.  


They must race against time to discover the King’s murderer even as they fight their growing attraction to each other. Can they overcome the political divide between them, or will Mairi’s final decision break both of their hearts?  


Binding the Selkie’s Heart is a thrilling forbidden love paranormal romance and the third book in The Selkie Seas series by Ella Rose. 


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