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Complete Book List

Books are listed by series. Click a series logo to learn more about that series or a book cover to learn more about that book. 


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Short Stories

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"The King's Anchor," a M/M selkie short story
(Beyond Atlantis, Dragon Soul Press)

A selkie castle servant only has eyes for the handsome warrior that is the King's right-hand man. But when they uncover a plot to murder the selkie King, the solution may derail their budding relationship. Can the two selkies find love and save the King, or will the search for the assassin be their downfall?

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Binding the Selkie's Heart
(available Jan. 2024)

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"Watched," a M/F selkie flash fiction story
(Worlds Apart, Dark Rose Press)


A marine biologist gets her first close encounter with a different kind of marine life.

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