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Stealing the Selkie's Heart 
(The Selkie Seas, Book 1)

A cursed town, a kidnapped selkie...what will happen when love is on the line?

Powerful selkie warrior Ronan must negotiate with a group of local sirens before war breaks out. The last thing he needs is a desperate human who steals his sealskin, intent on forcing him to help her. He decides to seduce her, get his skin back, and fulfill his mission. But finding out she's his True Mate changes everything... 

Widow Una MacCallan is determined to save her small Scottish fishing town from the curse that fell over it twenty-four years ago, even if it means blackmailing the fierce selkie. Though she knows he is the key to breaking the spell, she doesn't anticipate the attraction between them. She can't afford the distraction, and she doesn't trust that his interest is anything more than a manipulation, a bid for freedom. But she keeps finding herself tempted... 

Together, they must race against time to break the curse. But as the two get closer, they find themselves asking: can they give up love to save those around them? What is the price for their newfound passion? 


Stealing the Selkie’s Heart is an exciting enemies-to-lovers paranormal romance and the first book in The Selkie Seas series by Ella Rose. Let it steal your heart today! 


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Sally S.

This is a great book to start out on if you've never read a paranormal romance but would like to try your first. Ella Rose's writing is beautiful, descriptive and entertaining, and I can't wait to read more from her in the future!


Stealing the Selkie's Heart is a good start to the Selkie Seas series. Like all paranormal romances expect an insta- attraction, but also prepare for a fun and intriguing journey. Fans of the genre should not miss this one.


This is a high caliber book in an easy-to-read package. Ella Rose's writing is incredible and the romance is both sweet and sexy. I recommend giving this one a read!

Ella Rose

A lover of all things folklore, steamy stories, and happy endings, Ella Rose writes Paranormal Romance. She is a bi-sexual author writing through a Bi-Polar Disorder lens and thinks representation and mental health matter. She is a member of the Romance Writers of America (RWA), the Alliance of Independent Authors (ALLi), and the Paranormal Romance Guild (PRG). 

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