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Losing the Selkie's Skin
(The Selkie Seas, Book 0.5)


Two selkies, one damaged sealskin... can love conquer all?  


Prion is a playboy selkie Prince who takes only one thing seriously: nothing. When his sealskin is maliciously damaged, rendering him stuck in his human form, he seeks the only one who can fix it, a mythical creature nobody believes exists.  


Leannán, a handmaiden to the selkie Queen, was Prion’s childhood friend until his responsibilities drew them apart. But she’s never forgotten a secret Prion doesn’t know: that he is her True Mate, the other half of her soul. Without her, Prion has no chance of finding the creature they’re hunting.   


Leannán fears helping Prion will mean losing him to his old ways, but she can’t risk being without him. The two of them grow closer as they close in on their goal, but can their love salvage the damage done?  


Losing the Selkie's Skin is an exciting friends-to-lovers paranormal romance and a prequel novella in The Selkie Seas series by Ella Rose. Dive in and fall in love today! 

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Kristin B.

This book is wonderfully written and from the start, the reader will be drawn into the story, wanting and needing more... I highly recommend this book for lover of paranormal romance, mythology and folklore stories.

Jacquetta H.

This was a really neat story about selkies and the twists and turns they have to go through to help the Selkie Prince with his skin.I enjoyed reading it and am looking forward to reading more of the author Ella Rose's books.

Ella Rose

A lover of all things folklore, steamy stories, and happy endings, Ella Rose writes Paranormal Romance. She is a bi-sexual author writing through a Bi-Polar Disorder lens and thinks representation and mental health matter. She is a member of the Romance Writers of America (RWA), the Alliance of Independent Authors (ALLi), and the Paranormal Romance Guild (PRG). 

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